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Should we introduce an 'invasive plant' in our food forest? Let's try to think like an ecosystem

Two weeks ago, I received an invitation to review a scientific paper about ‘invasive plants’ that also have ‘benefits’. Here I try to explore this concept of ‘invasive plant’, in light of my interactions with bamboo.

ˇᨆ Welcome to Mésange. A letter series from Lénaïc, every Sunday from Oct 2022 to Mar 2023

Mésange is a newsletter series of 26 letters, that I am writing from Oct 2022 to Mar 2023. Each letter is a short story of 5-10 min read, telling one of my — hopefully elegant — experiments.

Visualizing the electromagnetic fields around my laptop

In this experiment, I measured and I drew the electric fields, the magnetic fields and the electromagnetic radiation around my laptop. This gave me a very nice way to understand and get familiar with these invisible things.

How to transform strong emotions into something positive? One way, inspired from observing another mammal's behavior

My parents have dog, called Perle. Perle is like a teacher for me, a master. She experiences simplicity and spontaneity with as much ease as I experience difficulties in my everyday life. Let me tell you her latest teaching…

I made a 5-function elegant drop lid in wood (9-function for super-minimalist people)

I desgined and made a drop lid in wood (otoshi buta in Japanese) that can work for all our pans. It has 5 main functions, and 4 additional functions for super-minimalist (or super weird) people. Let me present it to you…

Our 6 m2 tiny house weighs 1 ton and costs 3000 euros of building materials

I am very excited to present you Paññā! Our wooden tiny house lab.

An experimental food forest project in a Mediterranean climate

At the end of June 2022, I wrote this project of an experimental edible forest after visiting a forest plot for sale in South of France!

A tiny house on wheels in France! We are about to start building...

In this video, we introduce our project of constructing a mobile tiny home.

What is unconditional love? A fun definition, yet rigorous...

Unconditional love, that curious phenomenon, reveals surprises: if you love unconditionally, your love does not depend on the loved one, because it does not depend on anything. I explain this in detail in this enthusiastic definition of unconditional love!

Chickpea tempeh. A review of research papers and food blogs

How to make tasty chickpea tempeh, with low antinutrients and high protein digestibility? Here I review scientific articles and online recipes to answer this question and others.