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Rustic bamboo trivet for hot pots - Homemade, easy technique

Learn how to make a dish mat in bamboo. DIY, using a craft method for beginners: no nails, no glue, only manual tools for a rustic style!


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Length and thickness of bamboo internodes: a beautiful curve

The length of bamboo internodes increases from the base to the middle of the pole, and decreases from the middle to the tip. The thickness of the bamboo wall, for its part, decreases from base to tip.

How to Make Okara Tempeh

Okara tempeh is a great way to recycle your soya okara into delicious fermented food! Detailed instructions and troubleshooting. Easy, home-made, delicious!

What is the difference between love and attachment? A personal testimony

One day, the unexpected perception that “I am her and she is me” made me understand how love, more than a feeling, is in fact our common essence. This reality usually escapes us because we are surrounded by pale versions of love, such as attachment.