Lénaïc Pardon

Lénaïc Pardon

Hi, I am Lénaïc.

I am a kind of researcher-explorer.

Welcome to my blog, Elegant Experiments, which is a bit like my ship-laboratory.

Here, I mainly explore topics related to simple living, although I am curious about almost anything.

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I send this letter to my gracious readers at the start of each month to update them on my work in progress, my observations, my — hopefully elegant — experiments.

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Research projects

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Over the years, I have immersed myself into 6 main themes, which I explore step by step, and which I call my research projects:

Here’s a whole universe to explore and re-explore following your desires!

Latest posts

A micro balcony forest garden: so many benefits from such a tiny ecosystem

In this series of 4 articles, I propose to bring the concept of “a garden forest” back to its essence, and try to establish a very small scale balcony food forest!

8 types of micro balcony forest gardens. Sure there is one for you!

A balcony planter is so small that we can sometimes give up on the idea of turning it into a micro food forest. Here, I propose 8 kinds of balcony forest gardens to inspire you. I bet you’ll love at least one of these micro-gardens!

Observing a tiny ecosystem to better immerse into ecology, philosophy, and spirituality

I often lack patience when gardening. My creativity and enthusiasm clash against the slow rythms of nature. This tension forces me to slow down and observe, which gives me the opportunity to learn profound lessons about nature and about myself. Here is how!