Lénaïc Pardon

Lénaïc Pardon

Hi, I am Lénaïc.

I am a kind of researcher-explorer.

Welcome to my blog, Elegant Experiments, which is a bit like my ship-laboratory.

Here, I mainly explore topics related to simple living, although I am curious about almost anything.

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It is a short-lived newsletter series of 26 letters, that I send to my gracious readers every Sunday, from October 2022 to March 2023.

Each story is inspired by my life and explorations. I craft each one meticulously to offer inspiration, joy, wisdom!

Each story is a surprise, even for me. The next one may be about one of my preferred topics, like permaculture, nature, craftsmanship, autonomy, psychology, philosophy, the mysteries of life… Who knows?

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Research projects

(Re)discover my work

Over the years, I have immersed myself into 6 main themes, which I explore step by step, and which I call my research projects:

Here’s a whole universe to explore and re-explore following your desires!

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