Chickpea tempeh. A review of research papers and food blogs

How to make tasty chickpea tempeh, with low antinutrients and high protein digestibility? Here I review scientific articles and online recipes to answer this question and others.

How to choose the right fermentation container

Which container should you use to make your fermentations? I present a variety of containers and how to choose the one you need for your specific fermentation project.

Protein digestion from mouth to anus. Visual, science-backed

How does protein digestion occur in the human body? In this post, I integrate visuals with text to explain how proteins are digested along your digestive tract, from mouth to anus.

How long is the digestive tract? A visual synthesis

What is the length of the entire human digestive system? What is the length of the intestine? Overall, our digestive tract is about 5.5 meters long, from lips to anus, more than half of which is made of the small intestine!

How to saw bamboo into smaller sections?

Which kind of saw can I use to cut bamboo? How to immobilize the bamboo when sawing it? Is there any special trick? A short tutorial based on a video review of 7 highly skilled bamboo craftsmen from around the world.