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Here are all the dashboards of our research projects.

A project brings together posts addressing the same research question. Each post offers a particular point of view on this question, or a different stage in the exploration process.

Each project page below is a kind of dashboard describing the project objectives, the methods used and the chronology of the work carried out. The page also summarizes the results already obtained, in the form of links to blog posts or publications.

Bamboo craft revisited: a simple design and building method - Project

Here we explored a simple way of designing and building multifunction and modulable bamboo crafts. We focused on basic techniques, sufficient to build almost any craft or furniture out of bamboo, even with a beginner level.

Health and autonomy through fermentation - Project

Experimenting in fermentation for healthier food and potential biomaterials. And, by the way, marvelling in front of natural mechanisms and ancient techniques linked to fermentation!

How does the digestive system work? - Project

A scientific exploration of our beautiful gut and its amazing characteristics.