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To be sensitive is to be fragile and powerful at the same time

What is sensitivity, sometimes also called hypersensitivity when it is exacerbated? I propose here an original and bushy explanation based on a multitude of observations and adventures from my own life.

Exposure to radiation in a city strongly depends on your location. Example in Taipei, Taiwan

In a city, how can I limit my exposure to electromagnetic waves? To find where the safe spots are, I measured the radiations in several locations of Taipei, Taiwan, using a Trifield TF2 EMF meter.

Using pollard trees as 'living walls' to create agroecological structures. A few design ideas

Recently, I investigated on pollard trees, an ancient farming technique. I wondered if we could adapt such technique to grow living walls…!

My first NAET treatment in Taiwan, from a volunteer therapist and his team of friends

A couple of years ago, in Taiwan, I followed an alternative therapy to help me with my many and growing number of allergies. An interesting experience, that I am going to tell you…!

Using battens instead of studs for a lighter tiny house wood frame. Is it strong enough?

I found that a standard tiny house wood frame using Douglas fir studs was too heavy. Here I explain how I designed a lighter wood frame structure.

Literary wanderings

Last week, passing by Montpellier, while we were discussing with Hsiao about my uncertain and wacky future, I remembered this little text written 7 years ago.

Acorn tempeh. Using Rhizopus fermentation to reduce tannin content?

Can tempeh fermentation be used to make acorn tempeh? Would it help to reduce the tannins content of acorn? Here I make 3 rounds of experiments to try to understand how to make acorn tempeh.

Acorns, tannins, and humans. How acorns have been prepared as food in History

Throughout History, humans have been eating acorns. Indeed, they are a nutritionally rich food. But acorn contain tannins that are harmful in high quantities. So, how were humans dealing with acorn tannins?

Acorns and their germination. A contemplative exploration

For some unknown reason, I’ve been interested in acorns for a few weeks now.

An outdoor pantry, accessible from inside, to replace the fridge in winter

This is the fridge, or rather, the pantry of our tiny house. The food is stored outside, but it is accessible directly from inside.