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Guided tour of Paññā, our 6 m2 experimental tiny house under construction

I invite you for a small video tour of our tiny house of 6 m2, under construction.

ˇᨆ Mésange (0) — The End, thank you, and next → 🔭

A few days ago, a small multicolored tit (mésange, in French) landed right in front of the door of the tiny house in which I was doing some construction. To remind me to send the last episode of the Mésange series?

A matcha tea in Japan (and proportions for a good matcha)

Three years ago, in a trip in Japan, one afternoon tea touched me particularly. From the notes I took at that time to remember the moment, I wrote this short story for you.

How to make lacto-fermented daikon radish? A one-ingredient fermentation recipe

By fermenting only one vegetable at a time, we simplify the process, but we also get to know more deeply this vegetable. Which new aromas will it develop? How will become its texture? Do you think its color might change during fermentation?

How to drill bamboo for making crafts?

Which kind of tool can I use to drill bamboo? How to mark and immobilize the bamboo? How to use carving tools to drill a hole? A short tutorial based on a video review of 9 highly skilled bamboo craftsmen from around the world.

How to split bamboo into flat slats?

Which kind of tool can I use to split bamboo? How to immobilize the bamboo when splitting it? How to split? And how to obtain slats of the same width? A short tutorial based on a video review of more than 18 highly skilled bamboo craftswomen and craftsmen from around the world.

How to build a bamboo house in the Amis people's style from Taiwan?

While we were visiting the East Coast of Taiwan during Chinese New Year, we stopped by a museum where we discovered a traditional bamboo house. How to build such a bamboo house?

9 gardening techniques, unusual and elegant, that inspire me

Here I present a few unusual gardening and farming techniques I came across and I found elegant and inspiring.

What's the surface area of the digestive tract? A visual synthesis

What is the surface area of the entire human digestive system? What is the area of the intestine? Overall, our digestive tract is about 32 m2, from lips to anus, of which about 94% is the small intestine alone!

A sample of 12 delicious Taiwanese food, along with farming and cooking facts

One of the greatest things in Taiwan is food! Let’s go for a culinary travel linking eating with farming and cooking.