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A tiny house on wheels in France! We are about to start building...

In this video, we introduce our project of constructing a mobile tiny home.

What is unconditional love? A fun definition, yet rigorous...

Unconditional love, that curious phenomenon, reveals surprises: if you love unconditionally, your love does not depend on the loved one, because it does not depend on anything. I explain this in detail in this enthusiastic definition of unconditional love!

Chickpea tempeh. A review of research papers and food blogs

How to make tasty chickpea tempeh, with low antinutrients and high protein digestibility? Here I review scientific articles and online recipes to answer this question and others.


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How to Make Okara Tempeh - eBook

Okara tempeh is a great way to recycle your soya okara into delicious fermented food! This guide shows you, step by step, how to grow your own, home-made, and delicious okara tempeh.