To be sensitive is to be fragile and powerful at the same time

What is sensitivity, sometimes also called hypersensitivity when it is exacerbated? I propose here an original and bushy explanation based on a multitude of observations and adventures from my own life.

Should we introduce an 'invasive plant' in our food forest? Let's try to think like an ecosystem

Two weeks ago, I received an invitation to review a scientific paper about 'invasive plants' that also have 'benefits'. Here I try to explore this concept of 'invasive plant', in light of my interactions with bamboo.

Our 6 m2 tiny house weighs 1 ton and costs 3000 euros of building materials

I am very excited to present you Paññā! Our wooden tiny house lab.

What is unconditional love? A fun definition, yet rigorous...

Unconditional love, that curious phenomenon, reveals surprises: if you love unconditionally, your love does not depend on the loved one, because it does not depend on anything. I explain this in detail in this enthusiastic definition of unconditional love!

Being spiritual, what does it mean?

To be spiritual means laughing at everything. At heart, spirituality is a kind of joke!

What is the difference between love and attachment? A personal testimony

One day, the unexpected perception that "I am her and she is me" made me understand how love, more than a feeling, is in fact our common essence. This reality usually escapes us because we are surrounded by pale versions of love, such as attachment.