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We bought 2 farmlands to launch an experimental forest garden in Burgundy, France

We are launching our experimental forest garden project on two farmlands, Coussolline (0.2 ha) and Clémentine (1.5 ha)!

Loneliness. How to get liberated from it?

One day, I read an interview of the Dalaï-Lama where he was explaining that he had never felt lonely. I was surprised. A human being who never feels lonely? Not even just a little bit from time to time? Was this really possible?

Blackberry smoothy sauce. A 2-ingredient recipe, 100% foraged

I departed on a little adventure to develop a creamy blackberry sauce, only using foraged ingredients. I ended up finding a wild secret ingredient that effectively thickens raw and plant-based dishes!

Across the Valleys of Knowledge. A short story on controversies and the structure of human knowledge

In my quest for knowledge and a better health, I often encounter strong contradictions and violent controversies. How can so many opposite worldviews coexist? And what to do when we face this surprising phenomenon? Here I tell a short story to illustrate what I discovered.

Three agroecological experiments to prepare our forest garden project

Here are three farming experiments I have been doing about dry toilet composting, forest gardening with hens, and riparian area rewilding.

A micro balcony forest garden: so many benefits from such a tiny ecosystem

In this series of 4 articles, I propose to bring the concept of “a garden forest” back to its essence, and try to establish a very small scale balcony food forest!

8 types of micro balcony forest gardens. Sure there is one for you!

A balcony planter is so small that we can sometimes give up on the idea of turning it into a micro food forest. Here, I propose 8 kinds of balcony forest gardens to inspire you. I bet you’ll love at least one of these micro-gardens!

Observing a tiny ecosystem to better immerse into ecology, philosophy, and spirituality

I often lack patience when gardening. My creativity and enthusiasm clash against the slow rythms of nature. This tension forces me to slow down and observe, which gives me the opportunity to learn profound lessons about nature and about myself. Here is how!

How and when to plant a mini vegetable forest on the balcony, take care of it and multiply the seedlings?

Where to find perennial vegetables? When to plant them on our tiny balcony planter? How to take care of them? And how to multiply them to offer them around us?

Four key principles of natural forests that we can mimic on our balcony

In general, an edible forest is set up in a large garden, or on a farm, aiming at achieving some degree of food self-sufficiency. But, here, I propose to mimic the forest on a tiny scale, on your balcony!