How does the digestive system work?

A couple of years ago, I started to develop gluten intolerance. And this was followed by a series of other digestive and health issues like bloating, constipation, belly pain, gastroesophageal reflux, indigestion, and more.

As a crazy scientist, I took this as an opportunity to dive into my gut, to understand better how it works, and try to fix all these problems by myself!

Here you can follow me as I am researching and sharing my discoveries…

Objectives of the project

  • Learning and sharing key aspects of our digestive system.
  • Summarizing the information so that it is attractive, easy to understand, and easy to remember.
  • Focusing on actionable information: after reading, you know better how to troubleshoot your own gut.

Method & timeline

To make sure that I share high-quality information, I base my research on scientific publications and textbooks.

As I want this information to be attractive, easy to understand, and easy to remember, I try to keep a simple linear structure in my blog posts. I also integrate lots of visuals with the text. And for each post, I add a visual summary so that later you can come back to the summary and hopefully remember everything in just a few seconds!

Finally, this research aims at helping me, and you, autonomously troubleshoot our digestive issues to improve our health. Or, at least, to help us to do so. Thus, I try to focus on key points, such as the digestion process, the microbiota, the way nutrients may interact during the digestion process, etc.

But as my curiosity is sometimes taking over, I also end up spending hours and days on topics not really actionable, but marvelous. Like investigating the length of the different parts of the digestive tract or its surface area!

Around March 2020, I started researching intensely about the digestive system. After reading a lot, experimenting on my own gut, I began to share content here in December 2020.

Results so far

Here are the topics that I already covered. I am likely to update these posts over the next few months as I sharpen my understanding.

If you are reading these lines, it means you arrive in the middle of the process. I am so happy to have you with me so that we can discover the digestive system together!

Is there a topic that would be useful to you but that I haven’t thought of covering? Tell me in the comments below!

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