Results of the NAET treatment for my allergies and sensitivities

Over 36 years, I have been trying almost 30 techniques to address my health issues related to allergies, eczema, asthma, and so on.

In February and March 2021, I focused on Nambudripad Allergy Elimination Techniques (NAET). I wrote a short story to tell how the 1st NAET session occurred.

In this post, I present the results of the NAET treatments. I hope this article can help you understand better what this technique is, and see whether it could be useful for you.

In brief, the NAET method is an energetic medicine approach. It uses applied kinesiology for allergy diagnosis, and acupuncture or acupressure for allergy elimination. Applied kinesiology helps identify allergens by detecting which substances trigger an energetic imbalance in the body. Acupuncture, or acupressure, is a Traditional Chinese Medicine technique used in NAET to reset the energetic response of the body towards the allergen.

In conventional western medicine, immune responses to allergens have been classified into allergy, intolerance, and sensitivity. But in NAET vocabulary, all these notions are usually included under the term allergy. Thus, NAET also addresses sensitivities and intolerances, where patients do not necessarily have a strong and sudden allergic reaction.

The diagnosis part of NAET is done thanks to the technique of applied kinesiology, which unfortunately I don’t master. However, the treatment part, using acupressure, is very easy to reproduce even alone. Therefore, as you will see in the treatment log below, I am doing self-treatments in parallel with the therapist treatments, to increase a little healing speed.

For your information, NAET does not support self-treatments, according to its disclaimer. One risk, for instance, is to have an anaphylactic shock during the treatment when addressing a strong allergy. It is hence recommended to see a NAET practitioner and not try to make self-treatment, especially if you have strong allergies.

Nevertheless, patients with dozens and dozens of allergies, like this person, seem to end up doing self-treatment once they understand how it works. In my case, none of my allergies trigger such a strong shock. And so far, I have only self-treated mild sensitivities, while letting more challenging intolerances to the therapist.

I am not a NAET practitioner nor a physician. I disclaim any liability regarding the way the content of this post can be interpreted or used, and regarding the consequences of its use.

That said, I still want to share here my own experience and experiments transparently, as a patient, for your information.

How does the treatment occur?

If you are not familiar with energetic medicine, I understand that some aspects of the diagnosis and treatment methods might look very surprising. In the future, I want to publish other posts explaining the mechanisms operating behind such techniques. Meanwhile, I just share objectively and transparently what I experience and what I observe during the NAET sessions performed by this specific practitioner.

Treatment by the therapist

Here is how the diagnosis and the treatment occur at the therapist’s place.

  1. Allergen test with applied kinesiology. The therapist uses applied kinesiology to assess my body’s response to an allergen. The test is performed while I am holding a homeopathic vial containing water informed with the energetic signature of the allergen. By testing the strength of my arm muscles, the therapist detects if the presence of the vial in my hand triggers an energetic imbalance in my body. If my muscle response is weak, I have an allergy, if my muscle response is strong, I am not allergic to this allergen.

We can use the actual allergen instead of a vial, but NAET therapists already have a set of vials so that they don’t need to store the actual allergens. If you are not familiar with homeopathic preparations and the water’s ability to store electromagnetic signatures of allergens, I understand that this might sound very surprising.

But, even more surprising, the therapist sometimes uses words written on paper, instead of homeopathic vials. It is the case for instance, for emotions or specific problems for which he does not have any vial. To do the diagnosis, and the treatment, the patient holds a small glass jar containing the paper with the word written on it. The idea behind this is that the body can also recognize the signature of the word itself. I don’t think that using words is part of the official NAET treatment, though.

When we identify an allergen, the treatment starts. For this therapist, the treatment is actually performed by volunteers, while the therapist is already dealing with the diagnosis of the next patient.

  1. Massage along the spine. While I hold the allergen’s vial in my right hand, a volunteer is stimulating the energetic channels along my spine, by massaging from top to down with a two wheels roller massager. At the same time, I am asked to make my left thumb touch the other fingers, one after the other. For each finger, I breathe in and out slowly and deeply, once, and then I breathe in and out quickly, three times. I don’t know if the fingers’ movement is specifically designed to stimulate some energy channels, such as acupuncture meridians. But, overall, massaging and breathing are supposed to stimulate my energetic system before starting the treatment.

  2. Stimulation of 8 acupuncture points. I sit on a chair. While I am still holding the vial in one hand, a volunteer stimulates 8 acupuncture points in a specific order. He or she stimulates each point for 15-20 seconds, using an acupressure pen massager.

  3. Sit. After the acupressure treatment, I sit on a chair for 15 min, still holding the vial in one hand.

Normally, after this 4th step, I have to avoid the allergen. In some cases, like mold, yeast, pollen, it is not really possible to avoid the allergen as it is everywhere around us in the air. For such allergens, there is an additional step after the 4th one:

  1. Optional “lock”. If I cannot avoid the allergen, a volunteer creates a “lock” for me. It is supposed to make my body ignore any new information regarding this allergen, for the next 24 hours. Concretely, a volunteer asks me to sit and relax, still with the vial in my hand. Meanwhile, he or she sits in front of me, closes his or her eyes, and creates the “lock” in a couple of minutes. I don’t know exactly what a lock means in terms of body energetics, neither what the volunteer actually does to create it.

  2. Avoid the allergen for 25 hours. After waiting for 15 min, and optionally creating the “lock”, the treatment is finished. I am asked to avoid the allergen for 25 hours. This duration corresponds to the time the energy of my body needs to make a complete cycle, plus one hour to be sure the cycle is completed. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, there are 12 energetic meridians in the body. Each of them naturally activates for 2 hours, one after the other. In 24 hours, every meridian is hence supposed to have updated the information that there is no need to react against this allergen.

  1. Test the allergen again. After 25 hours of avoidance, I can be in contact with the allergen, and even eat the food if I was treated for a food allergy. It is a very strange feeling to try to eat something that I have avoided for many months or years because it was making me so sick! If I am too worried, I just wait for the next appointment where the therapist uses applied kinesiology to check that the desensitization worked. If it didn’t, he would try to treat again with the same vial, although in my case it has always worked after the first time.


Here is how I make self-treatment at home.

  1. Allergen test with applied kinesiology. I don’t do this, because I don’t know how to do it! It is a shame as I have to move forward blindly, but it does not prevent me from making treatments anyway and see if I feel better.

I don’t use homeopathic vials, but a real allergen in a small glass jar, such as a piece of cucumber.

  1. Massage along the spine. I ask Hsiao to do the back massage for me. If she is not here, I simply do the finger movements and the rhythmic breathing, while focusing on my spine. Allergy removal can work without the back massage, as you will see in the results section below. I cannot say, however, if it has any consequence, like, for instance, reducing the efficiency of the treatment in some cases.

  2. Stimulate 8 acupuncture points. I stimulate the 8 points by myself, using a kind of acupuncture pen massager. As I need my two hands, I block the glass jar between my trousers and my belly, just below the navel.

  3. Sit. After stimulating the 8 points, I sit for 15 min, holding the small glass jar with the allergen inside.

  4. Optional “lock”. I don’t know how to create a “lock” for an allergen, but so far I have only treated allergens that I can easily avoid.

  5. Avoid the allergen for 25 hours.

  6. Test the allergen again. As I don’t know how to perform an applied kinesiology test, I just eat again the food and observe what happens!

Results so far

Last updated: 30 Mar 2021.

So far, we have cleared about 18 of my allergies with the NAET technique.

The therapist cleared 10 allergies, while I cleared 2 for sure and I treated 6 food groups and environmental allergens for which I suspected sensitivities. This has been done over 8 weeks and 5 appointments at the therapist’s place.

The therapist treatments were clearly successful for some foods that triggered unambiguous symptoms to me: gluten, milk, ghee, and peanut. This is already an impressive result, given that traces of these foods could make me sick for several days.

It gives me confidence in the efficiency of energetic approaches to cure allergies.

But the therapist also treated sensitivities that triggered no easy to identify symptoms. It is the case for soy and grains, and some environmental sensitivities, such as yeast, pollen, dust mites, and animals. As I still have constant inflammatory symptoms, I cannot feel any clear improvement from these later treatments. I can only rely on the kinesiological test done by the therapist to realize that there was indeed a sensitivity and that it is now cleared.

To try to speed up the process a bit, I started to do self-treatments. So far, I keep the most important allergies for the therapist. Sometimes I treat one food with a clear symptom, to help me confirm that self-treatment works! Sometimes, in contrast, I treat a group of foods for which I only suspect a sensitivity. In this latter case, I cannot assess if the treatment was successful, as I didn’t have any marked symptoms. But I still do it, hoping that it would help decrease my chronic inflammation a little bit!

Self-treatments work, for instance for Chinese yam and cucumber. The cucumber treatment shows that self-treatment works even without a proper back massage. I have also tried to add some words written on a piece of paper in the glass jar along with the allergen, as the therapist sometimes does! For instance, I wrote the word “caffeine” on a paper for the caffeine treatment, although I cannot assess yet if this helps. I also tried to address a group of similar foods at the same time, as I saw that some homeopathic vials treat several foods, like the vial for grains. Sometimes, the self-treatment didn’t work, like for kumquat or sugar. I am trying to figure out the reasons behind such failures.

I usually experience quite clear side-effects during the two days following treatment. Especially after an appointment at the therapist’s place where we address two different allergies in one session. These effects can range from feeling feverish and tired, to intense runny nose and sneezing, to demotivation, weariness, and strong fatigue. I also read online that patients sometimes report side-effects just after the treatments. This might be due to the energetic reset of the body and liberation of some toxins?

When I eat the food again, after the treatment and the 25 hours of avoidance, I usually experience a mild version of the symptoms I usually felt for that food before the treatment! For instance, gluten used to trigger many symptoms, including headaches. When eating gluten for the first time after the treatment, I experienced strange sensations in my head. It was a bit worrying at the beginning, but then I realized that this kind of softer symptoms show up only the first time, but not later when I eat the food again.

Treatment log

Here is my medical logbook for NAET! I record what allergen was treated, if it was treated by the therapist or by myself, how the treatment was performed, and whether it was successful or not.

It is also my laboratory logbook. By recording my self-treatment experiments, I test different hypotheses and variations. This helps me understand better what works and what does not when it comes to self-treating allergies with NAET.

Treatments are listed in reverse chronological order, with the most recent first.

2021 Mar 23 - Tap water | Self-treatment

  • Symptoms. Whenever I have small skin problems, tap water seems to worsen the situation. Tap water in Taipei strongly smells chlorine, and I have already noticed in my life that chlorinated water can trigger asthma. I suspect that there is an energetic imbalance between my body and tap water, because of chlorine and/or another aspect of tap water.

  • Allergen test with kinesiology. No, I don’t know how to do it.

  • Allergen sample. Tap water in a small glass jar. I energetically shake the glass jar with tap water before treatment, as I realized that it might have a significant effect in enhancing the electromagnetic signal that the water sample emits.

  • Treatment at 7:30 am. Normal NAET treatment (vibrator for 20 sec. on the 8 points), with help of Hsiao for back massage. For 25 hours: no shower, no hand cleaning, no teeth brushing, no cooking with water, no tap water drinking! After the treatment, I worked for 4 hours and started to feel feverish. Then this feeling disappeared.

  • Success assessment. Mar 24, 5 pm. I clean my hands and my face it seems fine, I don’t have any feeling of dry hand or even no reaction of my eczema on the hand! Only very little itchiness on the face. However, over the next few days, I realize that if my skin is already irritated, tap water still enhances irritation.

  • Conclusion. Sensitive parts can still be irritated with tap water. I need to check more to see if I tolerate better chlorine. The feverish feeling after the treatment has already happened for other treatments. Might it be linked with the energetic reset of the body and the liberation of toxins?

2021 Mar 20 - Dust mites & Animals | Therapist treatment

  • Symptoms. Dust mites, cat, dog, rabbit: red eyes, itchy eyes, red skin, sneezing, runny nose, asthma.

  • Allergen test with kinesiology. Dust mites: sensitive. Animal: sensitive.

  • Allergen samples. Two homeopathic glass vials.

  • Treatment. Two normal NAET treatments, one after the other. The treatment includes a 25 hours lock for dust mites as they are everywhere. Following the treatment, I had about two days of increased sneezing, red and itchy eyes, low energy, and weariness.

  • Success assessment. I don’t feel a clear improvement in my chronic inflammation, but I haven’t been in contact with any cat to check!

  • Success assessment with applied kinesiology. Apr 03. Dust mites and animal desensitization successful!

  • Conclusion. It is still difficult to be able to assess by myself the outcome of treatments for environmental allergens because I still have several symptoms constantly from all my remaining allergies. But I do observe that when I do 2 treatments in one day, I can experience quite strong physical and psychological symptoms over the following 2 days.

2021 Mar 18 - Mushrooms | Self-treatment

  • Symptoms. I have never noticed any clear symptoms. But I do have problems with mold, like with food that was fermented with Aspergillus orizae. So it is just to make sure, as mushrooms are close to mold and very common in Taiwanese cooking.

  • Allergen test with kinesiology. No, I don’t know how to do it.

  • Allergen sample. In a small glass jar, pieces of shiitake, lion’s mane, black wood ear fungus (from dry), tremella fuciformis (from dry), oyster mushroom.

  • Treatment at 9 pm. NAET treatment, without back massage.

  • Success assessment by eating. Did not do a thorough test.

  • Conclusion. Normally a self-treatment without back massage can work, as for cucumber. I am not yet sure about the efficiency of grouping food, though.

2021 Mar 17 - Citrus | Self-treatment

  • Symptoms. Mainly difficulties with digesting kumquat skin: eructations for a few hours. For lemon and mandarin, it seems fine, but just to be sure.

  • Allergen test with kinesiology. No, I don’t know how to do it.

  • Allergen sample. In a small glass jar, pieces of kumquat, lemon, mandarin, and mandarin skin.

  • Treatment at 9 pm. NAET treatment, without back massage.

  • Success assessment by eating. I haven’t done a thorough check, but when I eat a raw kumquat a few days later, I burp it for a few hours! Later I eat some cooked kumquat and I also burp, but less. For mandarin and lemon, however, no problem.

  • Conclusion. It seems fine for mandarin and lemon. It is not successful for kumquat! Normally a self-treatment can work, even without back massage, like for cucumber. I could try another treatment again, with kumquat only.

2021 Mar 16 - Raw cucumber | Self-treatment

  • Symptoms. Bad digestion when eating raw cucumber, leading to eructations for a few hours.

  • Allergen test with kinesiology. No, I don’t know how to do it.

  • Allergen sample. Raw cucumber slice in a glass jar. Later I may have to do it again for melon and watermelon, for which I have similar symptoms.

  • Treatment at 7 pm. NAET treatment, without back massage.

  • Success assessment by eating. Mar 18, at 8:30 am. I eat a slice of raw cucumber before anything else in the morning. Over the next 15 min, I only notice one small burping! That is much less than usual, and no other symptoms manifest later… A few days later, I try again, and no burping at all. However, melon still triggers indigestion.

  • Conclusion. Seems successful! If it is like other treatments, a softer symptom when eating the food the first time is normal and would not appear the following times. This confirms that treatment without back massage can work. I will still have to do treatments for melon and watermelon, though.

2021 Mar 15 - Sugar | Self-treatment

  • Symptoms. Bloating when eating sweet food. I cannot stop eating when I eat fruits or sweet food. It could be a kind of allergy to sugar, so I try.

  • Allergen test with kinesiology. No, I don’t know how to do it.

  • Allergen sample. In a glass jar: a little bit of refined sugar, honey, brown sugar, very brown sugar, blackstrap molasses. I also include a paper with the words “sugar, glucose, refined sugar, saccharose”.

  • Treatment at 7 pm. Normal NAET treatment (vibrator 30 sec. on the 8 points), with help of Hsiao for back massage. Then I eat ketogenic, that is with no sugars or starch, for 25 hours following the treatment.

  • Success assessment by eating. I did not do a thorough test, but it seems I still have problems with sugar after the treatment (bloating and cannot stop eating sweet things and fruits).

  • Conclusion: The reason for my bloating and over-eating when eating sweet things or fruits might not be an allergy to sugar. It could be a problem with fructose specifically. Or a dysbiosis, an infection, a lack of energy to completely digest my meals, a hormone imbalance, etc. I still need to investigate this.

2021 Mar 13 - Peanut & Soy | Therapist treatment

  • Symptoms. For soy, no clear symptoms, but I have suspected a sensitivity for a couple of years. For peanut, I have similar symptoms to gluten in milder, such as headache.

  • Allergen test with kinesiology. Peanut: sensitive. Soy: sensitive.

  • Allergen samples. Two homeopathic glass vials.

  • Treatment. Two normal NAET treatments, one after the other. Then I stay away from peanuts for 25 hours. The treatment includes a 25 hours lock for soy, probably because in Taiwan it is very difficult to avoid soy, including through the smell of fried soy oil in the streets.

  • Success assessment by eating. Mar 16, 3 pm. Baseline symptoms before eating: slight gastro-esophageal reflux, slight bloating, throat clearing, gingivitis, stuffy nose, slightly tired after a not-so-good night, very little eczema because I used corticoid cream for the last 2 days to address the eczema flare of the last few weeks. I eat one bite of organic roasted peanuts without salt. Symptoms over 15 min: tinglings on the top of the head, itchiness on the nose, slight and very short pain in the head. I keep eating more, still tinglings on the head, another strange sensation inside the head. No special feeling in the stomach or the belly. Later I eat more and a little bit every day for a few days.

  • Success assessment with applied kinesiology. Mar 20. Peanut and soy treatments successful!

  • Conclusion. Seems successful! Again, it confirms that when I eat again a food for the first time, I do experience a soft version of previous symptoms.

2021 Mar 11 - Caffeine | Self-treatment

  • Symptoms. Fast heartbeat and anxiety with coffee, insomnia with some teas.

  • Allergen test with kinesiology. No, I don’t know how to do it.

  • Allergen samples. In a small glass jar: a coffee bean, black tea dry leaves, matcha tea powder, and cocoa powder + white paper with the word “caffeine”. For 25 hours, I do not drink tea, coffee, nor eat cocoa.

  • Treatment. Mar 11, 5 pm. NAET treatment, without back massage. In this case, I also formulate in my head my intention of clearing caffeine intolerance.

  • Success assessment. Not yet performed.

2021 Mar 10 - Nightshades | Self-treatment

  • Symptoms. No clear symptoms for me, but a common cause of eczema because of glycoalkaloids.

  • Allergen test with kinesiology. No, I don’t know how to do it.

  • Allergen samples. In a small glass jar: one dry chili pepper, a tomato chunk, a raw potato chunk, and a leaf, fruit, and flowers of wild nightshade from our garden + the word “glycoalkaloids” written on white paper. I may need to do another treatment for the other nightshades not included here.

  • Treatment. Normal NAET treatment, with help of Hsiao for back massage. I avoid all nightshades for 25 hours. Over this period, I just accidentally touch some tomato leaves in our garden.

  • Success assessment by eating. I do not feel anything wrong with nightshades, and my overall symptoms are still too high to feel any effect from this treatment.

  • Conclusion. Normally the self-treatment with Hsiao works, as we tested with Chinese yam. If I had a small sensitivity to nightshades, then it should be cleared. I tried to add a paper mentioning clearly “glycoalkaloids” in the jar because I realized the therapist was using this technique to include emotions to treat some people. As far as I understood, he would write the name of the emotion on the paper. I cannot be sure about the effectiveness, but I decided to add this information in the glass jar. Again here, I made a single treatment combining several foods.

2021 Mar 08 - Nuts | Self-treatment

  • Symptoms. Difficulty to stop eating nuts when I start, some cases of indigestion and bloating after eating too much. I try to make this treatment to see if it improves the situation.

  • Allergen test with kinesiology. No, I don’t know how to do it.

  • Allergen samples. In a small glass jar: a walnut, a cashew nut, a pecan nut, a macadamia nut, an almond, and a few sunflower seeds. I may need to do another treatment later for other nuts.

  • Treatment. NAET treatment (vibrator for 20 sec. on each point), without back massage. I do not eat or touch these nuts for 25 hours.

  • Success assessment by eating. No clear results. No feelings of indigestion or heaviness in the belly, but still difficulties to stop eating.

  • Conclusion. The problem of over-eating may not be linked to nuts themselves but to a weak digestive power. I made this treatment completely alone, so there was no back massage, but a later treatment on cucumber would prove successful without back massage. Here I also use a group of similar foods, as I observe that some vials used in NAET actually address a group of food, like grains. But I am not sure if it is as efficient as a single food.

2021 Mar 07 - Chinese yam | Self-treatment

  • Symptoms. Itchy fingers when touching the yam. When eating: skin rashes, needle feelings in arms or legs, mental agitation. Depends on variety.

  • Allergen test with kinesiology. No, I don’t know how to do it.

  • Allergen samples. A piece of raw Chinese yam in a small glass jar.

  • Treatment. Normal NAET treatment, with help of Hsiao for back massage. I do not eat or touch Chinese yam for 25 hours.

  • Success assessment by eating. Mar 9, 2 pm. Baseline symptoms before eating: itchy nose, small stomach pain, a bit tired, no eczema pain, eyes a bit red. I eat one bite of cooked yam. Symptoms over 15 min: some movements in the belly, a little eczema itching behind the left knee, itchiness on the belly skin!, a little inflammation on a lip, itchiness on the top of the head, and a very slight headache. Later I eat more. Those symptoms don’t become any stronger, and over the following days they don’t show up anymore even after eating more Chinese yam.

  • Conclusion: Seems successful! As well as for milk, ghee, and gluten, I may experience a softer version of the symptoms when trying for the first time after the treatment. Later, however, symptoms don’t come back. An important conclusion here is that I can do the treatment by myself, with the help of someone for the back massage.

2021 Mar 06 - Gluten & Pollen | Therapist treatment

  • Symptoms. For gluten: headache, fatigue, brain fog, joint pain, depression, anxiety; over a few days to a week. For pollen: red eyes, itchy eyes, sneezing, runny nose.

  • Allergen test with kinesiology. Gluten: sensitive. Pollen: sensitive.

  • Allergen samples. Two homeopathic glass vials.

  • Treatment. Two normal NAET treatments, one after the other. Then I stay away from gluten for 25 hours, which is not difficult as I already tossed gluten in my diet for a while. The treatment includes a 25 hours lock for pollen because I cannot stay away from it as there are everywhere.

  • Success assessment by eating. Mar 8, 1 pm. Baseline symptoms before eating: eyes a bit dry, a little bit tired and weary, slight stomach pain, throat clearing, skin a little little bit itchy throughout the body, eczema on the right hand, left knee, left foot, nose a bit itchy and blocked. Feeling a bit stressed because if it does not work I may be sick for several days… But last time it worked with milk, so I am more confident. I take a deep breath to relax. I boil organic spaghetti for 12 min in water. I feel a slight headache when smelling the steam over the pan. I eat a bite of spaghetti with salt and olive oil. I haven’t felt any clear symptoms when eating salt or olive oil so far. Symptoms during 15 min after swallowing the bite: itchy nose, itchiness on the top of the head, very small headaches come and go in different parts of the head. Heat in the face and slightly stiff neck. A strange sensation of electricity or heaviness in the chest. Throat a bit burning, probably due to olive oil bitterness. Eczema increasing a bit behind the knee, on fingers, and the foot. Burp. Now it is 15 min. As these symptoms feel like the first symptoms I feel normally with gluten, I stop eating. A bit later: a feeling of a little bit fuzzy brain. But the following days, no other symptoms appear, while normally I would feel sicker and sicker for a few days. Also, I did not feel some of the other gluten symptoms I used to have, like joint pain, depression, anxiety, slight pain in some specific parts of the belly.

  • Success assessment with applied kinesiology. Mar 13. Gluten and pollen successful! Incredible.

  • Conclusion. It feels very weird to try to eat gluten after all the pain it triggered over 2-3 years! I realize that even if I have hope in this technique, I don’t trust 100% when it comes to eating such a special molecule as gluten. I still need to gain confidence. As well as for milk and ghee, I notice that I do have small symptoms when eating the food for the first time, but then these symptoms don’t seem to come back the following times.

2021 Feb 27 - Yeast & Milk | Therapist treatment

  • Symptoms. Milk: belly pain, bloating, diarrhea. Ghee seems to produce similar symptoms as gluten for me: headache, foggy brain, fatigue. Yeast: headache.
  • Allergen test with kinesiology. Milk: sensitive. Yeast: sensitive.

  • Allergen samples. Two homeopathic glass vials.

  • Treatment. Two normal NAET treatments, one after the other. Then I stay away from milk for 25 hours. The treatment includes a 25 hours lock for yeast because I cannot stay away from yeasts which are everywhere.

  • Success assessment by drinking milk . Mar 1, 12 am. Baseline symptoms before eating: nose blocked, eczema on the right hand, left knee, left foot, stomach pain comes and goes, pasty tongue, eyes a bit dry, slightly tired, throat clearing, very light back pain. I drink a sip of warm low-fat organic milk. Symptoms over 15 min: gurglings, a little and short heaviness in the stomach, slight heat in cheeks, needle pain in a finger, itchiness on the top of the head, slightly runny nose, burp. I drink more. Over the day, I notice itchiness on my forehead and some intestinal gas. But no bloating, no belly pain, no diarrhea.

  • Success assessment by eating ghee. Mar 2, 9 am, cooking with ghee. Baseline symptoms before eating: eczema crisis on the right hand, left knee, left foot, stomach pain, stuffy nose, itchiness on the top of the head. I swallow a small spoon of organic ghee directly! Symptoms over 15 min: I realize that the ghee is a bit rancid, itchiness in several parts of the body, including nose, slightly runny nose, weak back, sneezing after about 14 min. I eat more ghee with baked sweet potato. Later in the day: some itchiness in the body, runny nose, throat clearing, a little bit tired. I continue to eat ghee the following days and the symptoms disappear.

  • Success assessment with applied kinesiology. Mar 6. Milk and yeast successful!

  • Conclusion. It feels very funny to drink milk because I haven’t thought about doing such a thing for many years! When first drinking milk and eating ghee, I realize that there are some symptoms but much slighter than before the treatment. Later, if I eat more ghee, these symptoms don’t show up.

2021 Feb 06 - COVID-19 & 5 grains | Therapist treatment

First session at the NAET therapist place, in Taiwan.

Before I even understand what is happening in Chinese, pouf, I am already treated for COVID-19! This therapist systematically treats his new patients for COVID-19, by using the same technique as for allergy elimination: making sure that the body’s energy stays balanced when in contact with the electromagnetic signal of COVID-19 contained in a homeopathic water vial.

  • Symptoms. Grains: no clear symptoms, except for wheat. COVID-19: well, no symptoms!

  • Allergen test with kinesiology. 5 grains (五穀): sensitive. I don’t know exactly which 5 grains were included.

  • Allergen samples. Two homeopathic glass vials, one for 5 grains, one of COVID-19.

  • Treatment. One very fast treatment for COVID-19. One normal NAET treatment for grains.
  • Success assessment. I cannot do any clear test for grains, because my symptoms are not clear, and I still have constant inflammatory symptoms.

  • Success assessment with applied kinesiology. Feb, 27. COVID-19 and 5 grains successful!

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