I made a 5-function elegant drop lid in wood (9-function for super-minimalist people)

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The other day, I realized we needed lids for our 5 pans. I started to design them. I ended up with only 1 wood lid, which works for all pans.

It is a 5-function minimalist drop lid (9-function for super-minimalist people, as you will see).

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I made this drop lid from a piece of wood left from the construction of our tiny house lab. Let me present it to you…

A multisized lid

In this piece of wood, I cut a circle the size of our medium-sized pan.

It is a large lid for our small pans…

…and a small lid for our large pans.

A lid smaller than the pan, that rests directly on food, is used to simmer food in Japan. It is called ‘drop lid’ in English, and otoshi buta in Japanese. I like it as it reduces the volume that we need to heat up.

A multisize lid, that’s the 1st function of this lid.

A handle

To hold the lid without burning myself, I made a handle.

A safe and handy handle, that’s the 2nd function.

A lid that stands

Nice! But don’t you sometimes find yourself holding an oily lid that you don’t know where to put? I always make everything dirty with oily lids. I designed the handle so that it could also be used as a kind of foot. As it is symmetrical, one can always put it straight on the counter, whether one holds it with the left hand or the right hand.

A lid that can stand, that’s the 3rd function.

A spoon holder

Usually, though, there is a moment when I want to stir. I take the lid off, I stir, I put the lid back. Then, I find myself holding an oily spoon. Where to put it? I put it anywhere and, again, I make everything dirty. I needed some kind of minimalist spoon holder, so I integrated it into the handle.

I made an integrated spoon holder, that’s the 4th function.

A spoon holder that stands

And, wait. Sometimes, I take the lid off, but I don’t want to use the spoon right away. I want to add ingredients with both my hands. For instance, holding a chopping board with one hand, pushing the vegetable into the pan with my other hand. Hence, I needed another spoon holder.

A standing-mode spoon holder, that’s the 5th function.

And that’s it, it makes for a wonderful handy minimalist drop lid, doesn’t it?

DIY wood drop lid.

But what about the 4 other functions?

I have to say, I discovered these 4 bonus functions by chance when I was using the lid.

A food display stand

While I was cooking this big green grain-free cookie, I realized the lid could nicely hold food when put upside-down.

A food display stand, that’s the 6th function.

A chopping board?

After cutting my pancake directly on the lid, I wondered if it could be used to chop vegetables. But it didn’t really work, it was not stable enough. Hence, chopping board is not the 7th function.

A trivet

When this lid is put upside-down, a normal person could also see it as an old-style trivet, convenient when my bamboo trivet is not available.

A trivet, that’s the actual 7th function.

A tiny stool!

An abnormal person, though, would see a beautiful mini-stool. Super convenient for picnics in the wild!

A tiny wood stool is the weird 8th function, but it is not the weirdest.

A hat?!

The 9th function: a unique-looking replacement hat.

A drop lid even more strangely used as a replacement hat.

And here is the deep teaching of this story: Although multifunctionality is great, it might have some limits…

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