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How to Make Okara Tempeh

Detailed instructions & Troubleshooting. Easy, Home-made, Delicious!

Okara tempeh is a great way to recycle your soya okara into delicious fermented food! This guide shows you, step by step, how to grow your own, home-made, and delicious okara tempeh. It contains all the instructions you need along with many pictures. And, in case of difficulties, have a look at the thorough troubleshooting section!

Book description

Are you wondering how to re-use the soy pulp that you got after extracting your soy milk? Then, try recycling this pulp, also called okara, into okara tempeh! Okara tempeh is a delicious home-made fermented food, grown using the same ferment as for soybean tempeh: Rhizopus oligosporus.

Making fermented food is not always easy, and making okara tempeh requires slightly different conditions than for making soybean tempeh. This guide shows you how to easily implement the fermentation process. For each step, enjoy pictures, precise descriptions, and the key factors for success. In case of difficulties, a final section helps you find out what may have been the problem: was it temperature, moisture content, or oxygen availability?

After reading this book and experimenting, you will soon master how to make Rhizopus oligosporus happy, to grow this delicious fermented food successfully!

Table of Contents

1. Introduction

2. Detailed instructions

  • Cook the okara
    • Do I need to add vinegar to the okara before cooking?
    • Should I use an okara from dehulled soybeans (beans without skin)?
    • Is it fine if my okara has undergone several milk extractions?
  • Inoculate the okara
    • Where can I get the tempeh starter?
    • Can I grow my own tempeh starter?
  • Put the okara in containers
    • Can I use another kind of leaf?
  • Put the containers in a fermentation chamber
  • Wait up to 48 hours for your Rhizopus to grow…

3. Troubleshooting

  • Why Rhizopus does not seem to grow, even after 20-24 hours?
  • Why is my okara tempeh not totally covered with a white layer of mycelium? Why are there grey areas on my okara tempeh?
  • Why are there dark yellow spots on my okara tempeh?
  • Why does my okara tempeh have an acidic ammonia smell?

4. Recipes

  • Okara tempeh fries
  • Okara tempeh crackers

5. References

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