Podcast — Some of my letters, warmly read for you

From time to time I record myself reading some of my newsletters to make podcast episodes.

When I was a kid, I had the chance to immerse myself in the stories of several oral storytellers in my family. I was very marked by the depth of the expression in their voices. Such a simple process, without images, and my imagination was already traveling far away. Much Later, while I was doing a Vipassana meditation retreat, I felt that the voice, speaking or chanting, can really carry warmth and love. Such a simple process, and I can feel reassured and taken care of.

In this podcast, I get inspiration from these memories. I try to read these letters using all that my voice can transmit. To convey emotions, images, philosophy, and, of course, warmth and love.

But, I tend to be a perfectionist. When I am trying to record, I am often blocked by background noise, some diction mistakes, or a lack of love in the voice! If I try to make ‘good’ recordings, I may never succeed to publish.

So, I decided to set to myself one rule: I do a ‘one-shot’ recording, including my hesitations and mistakes.

Then, instead of making perfect recordings, they are raw, as if you were with me!

Listeners’ testimonials

What my listeners think about my podcast episodes…

“Bravo! What a job!!! The result is fantastic!!! 😃🤩🤩🤩 I just listened to your science and philosophy tale podcast. It’s super well written for listening! I’m impressed, the result is amazing. It’s much better than a lot of stuff done on France Culture Radio (I say that from experience after listening to miles and miles of it).”

“Very nice narration! Very nice voice! :-))”

Upcoming Podcast

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Next podcast in preparation… Please, come back later :)

ˇᨆ   Mésange Podcast

Mésange is a popup newsletter, a series of 26 letters, sent from October 2022 to March 2023. For some of these letters, I recorded a podcast episode.

Watercolor of three people walking in the street.

Literary wanderings

2022 Dec 11 | right-click on the bar to download | read instead

A photo of a pantry open in a tiny house.

The ‘fridge’ of our tiny house

2022 Nov 13 | right-click on the bar to download | read instead

A photo of a bamboo bush.

Let’s try to think like an ecosystem. An essay on ‘invasive plants’

2022 Nov 6 | right-click on the bar to download | read instead

A diagram representing Pearl's emotions and behavior.

Observing a dog’s behavior teaches me one way to channel strong emotions

2022 Oct 16 | right-click on the bar to download | read instead

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