Podcast — Some of my letters, warmly read for you

From October 2022 to March 2023, I send Mésange, a weekly popup newsletter.

I record myself reading some of these letters to make this podcast.

When I was a kid, I had the chance to immerse myself in the stories of several oral storytellers in my family. I was very marked by the depth of the expression in their voices. Such a simple process, without images, and my imagination was already traveling far away. Much Later, while I was doing a Vipassana meditation retreat, I felt that the voice, speaking or chanting, can really carry warmth and love. Such a simple process, and I can feel reassured and taken care of.

In this podcast, I get inspiration from these memories. I try to read these letters using all that my voice can transmit. To convey emotions, images, philosophy, and, of course, warmth and love.

But, I tend to be a perfectionist. When I am trying to record, I am often blocked by background noise, some diction mistakes, or a lack of love in the voice! If I try to make ‘good’ recordings, I may never succeed to publish.

So, I decided to set to myself one rule: I do a ‘one-shot’ recording, including my hesitations and mistakes.

Then, instead of making perfect recordings, they are raw, as if you were with me!

ˇᨆ   Mésange — The current podcast

Mésange is a popup newsletter, a series of 26 letters, sent from October 2022 to March 2023. For some of these letters, I record a podcast.

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Watercolor of three people walking in the street.

Literary wanderings

2022 Dec 11 | right-click on the bar to download | read instead

A photo of a pantry open in a tiny house.

The ‘fridge’ of our tiny house

2022 Nov 13 | right-click on the bar to download | read instead

A photo of a bamboo bush.

Let’s try to think like an ecosystem. An essay on ‘invasive plants’

2022 Nov 6 | right-click on the bar to download | read instead

A diagram representing Pearl's emotions and behavior.

Observing a dog’s behavior teaches me one way to channel strong emotions

2022 Oct 16 | right-click on the bar to download | read instead

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