March 2022 - We are about to build a tiny house!

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My dear readers,

I hope you are doing well!

It’s been more than 10 months since you received a newsletter from me…


This is because in May 2021, around the time you received the last newsletter, I realized that I was electrosensitive. It forced me to completely change the way I use my phone, my computer, and even any electricity-based technology. I have of course undertaken extensive research on the subject, and I prepare future exciting articles for the blog.

But what you need to know for now is that, due to these conditions, it seemed logical to us that it was time to move to another environment. Because in our tiny apartment in Taipei, Taiwan, it appeared almost impossible to avoid electromagnetic fields and reduce my symptoms. One thing leading to another, and sparing you the details, we ended up in France in June for me and Hsiao joined me in August.

Hence, we have been in Burgundy since last summer, staying in my parents’ garden, with the plan to settle in France at least for a while! The research on my health continues, step by step. And, while I still have electromagnetic problems in cities, my health has improved. In any case, in a garden, I feel better!

However, as soon as we arrived in France last summer, another unexpected thing happened.

We had the desire to build a tiny house.

A tiny house, for the idea of owning a small house, with a small budget, a small footprint, a cocoon. It seemed a good idea that it be mobile, to facilitate the moving on a future land. It also seemed nice to imagine it as autonomous as possible, rather connected to nature than to a collapsing society. Without electromagnetic fields, of course. Finally, my crazy explorer instincts concluded - perhaps a little too quickly? - that we should simply build it ourselves.

Between the electromagnetism, the thoughts about the tiny house, all the preparations, and the plants in the garden that I’ve been talking to every day for the past month, almost a year has elapsed. But today, the first day of spring, some time frees up for me to take care of my readers again.

So here we are, about to build a tiny house. We’ll keep you informed on the progress through blog posts and newsletters. And we already summarize for you what we’ve done so far in this video on the blog!

Thumbnail of the video presenting the launch of our tiny house project.

Until next time,



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