How does the digestive system work? - Project

How does our digestive system work? Do you know?

Let’s have a look at it together.


To understand how the digestive system really works. It is our most complex internal system, we use it every day each time we eat, and it is so tightly linked to our health and well-being. And yet, we almost don’t realise that it is here, taking care of us. This is a project to reconquest our marvelling and understanding of our gut. To take car of it so that it can also take care of us. Although it is much less based on our personal experience than some other research topics, we definitely want to emphisised the link between the scientific knowledge and our sensations, the way we really experience this complex system of organs.


This project is based on a review of scientific knowledge, from textbook to scientific papers.

It is also heavily based on an exploration of how the visual content can help understand and memorise the functioning of such a complex system.


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Best resources

Our research work made us discover dozens, and even hundreds of resources. Here are the ones we found the most valuable:

  • The Netter’s collection, with amazing drawings
  • others?


2020: research, summary and synthesizing.

Later: - publishing of an ebook (PDF, MOBI, EPUB) - potentially publishing of a print book with colorful drawings

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